“The triathlon experience is a challenging one. It requires commitment and determination. It requires sacrifice and whatever level you are at, the sacrifice is real and admirable. I have made many sacrifices along the way to gaining my professional license in 2014. But the appeal of the challenge and opportunity to explore my limits overcomes any regret. For me, the opportunity to encourage, support and inspire others is the reward. If more women start swimming, riding and running because of what we do as professional triathletes, then we have made a difference.
If more women are healthier, more active and proud of themselves for what they have achieved because of what we do, then we have succeeded.”
Renee Baker, December 2015

Renee has been a professional triathlete since 2014 and competes in Australia and internationally. Renee is active in the community as an ambassador for Liv Cycling Australia and Muscular Dystrophy WA and in 2016 launched her new clothing brand for women athletes in collaboration with Camino Apparel.
Renee is passionate about developing the role of women in professional sport as well as helping anyone with a desire to succeed to fulfill their ambitions.



About Renee

Name: Renee Baker

Employment: Clinical Support Nurse

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Curtin University of Technology

Interests outside triathlon: Relaxing with friends, good food and wine, ambassador roles, women’s health and fitness, and travelling.

First triathlon: Women’s Pink Triathlon

Coaches and advisors: Brad Hall, Sarah Jamison, Paul Newsome

Triathlon club: Break Your Limits